Trade Instantly & pool tokens , This is a swap platform for swapping Oduwaswap Coins with Wrapped Oduwa Tokens.

Swap Your Token OR Coin

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The ultimate price and output is determined by the amount of tokens in the pool at the time of your swap.

What Is Wrapped Oduwacoin

A wrapped Oduwacoin is a token pegged to the value of the original Oduwacoin cryptocurrency . It is called a wrapped token because the original asset is put in a wrapper, a digital vault that allows the wrapped version to be created on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) Wrapped Oduwacoin (wOWC) functions just as a Wrapped Bitcoin(WBTC) on BSC. A tokenized version of Oduwacoin (OWC) on Binance. Wrapped Oduwacoin (wOWC) is a BEP-20 Token that holds a one-to-one peg to the value of Oduwacoin, allowing users to use Oduwacoin on the Binance Smart Chain effectively.

Low Fees

Enjoy low fees for large transactions with tight spreads

Atomic Swap

Instantly Swap Oduwacoin to Wrapped Oduwacoin Vice-Versa

Endless Possibilities

Swap for Nfts & Dex Exchanges. Add tokens to the pool to become a market maker