Guides for Oduwa swap

Follow below Step for Swap wOWC Token:

Step 1 Connected to MetaMask

If you do not have a MetaMask account via the browser or via the app, you must first install "MetaMask" and get your account. If you already have a MetaMask account please, follow the next step.

Once you have your account, Go To Metamask and set the Binance Smart Mainnet Network. If you already have already selected wOWC, skip to the next step. otherwise set the wOWC Token.

Note: Metamask extension supported only on Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox & Brave Web browsers. Not supported on Mobile.

Step 2 Swap COIN to TOKEN

Go to the Swap page to SWAP your OWC Coin(s) into wOWC Token(s).

Please confirm Binance Smart Mainnet Network connected with Oduwaswap.
Now First Enter amount of OWC Coin(s) which you want to Swap into wOWC Token(s).

Now Please click on the 'START SWAP' button.

Please check your Token address that you will receive your wOWC Token(s) to. That same address will be used after you complete this process.

In Next step you have to 'Copy Address' of your OWC for depositing OWC coin(s) into that Address.

Now go to your local system (Oduwa QT) or Oduwa App and from your OWC wallet please deposit an amount of OWC which you want to swap.

Please make sure you send the exact Amount which you entered earlier. If you send more OWC coins than stated, this will result in the surplus amount being lost.

You will get the exact amount of Token(s) which you Enter in the starting step. Once you have deposited your OWC coin(s) you will get confirmation. After this confirmation, go to the Swap Website and click on "After Deposit OWC" please click here.

After 1 confirmations on the blockchain you will get wOWC Token(s) to your Address.

Step 3 Swap TOKEN to COIN

Go to the Swap page. Enter your Token Amount which you wish to Swap into OWC coin(s). Click on TOKEN - COIN Button.
Now Click on "START SWAP" button.

Now it will ask for your OWC Coin address so please enter a OWC Coin address which you can find in the Oduwa Wallet or Oduwa QT.

After this, the Oduwaswap will verify the address.

Next, click on the ‘Process Button’ so your wOWC Token(s) will deduct from your Token Address and after just 1 confirmation you will get your OWC Coin(s) into your Oduwa Address.